New England Tool Corp. of Manchester Joins CTMA

New England Tool Corporation, based in Manchester, Connecticut joined CTMA in March of 2023. For nearly 25 years, they have been a full service CNC Machinery & Accessories company.  By keeping up with the ever-changing demands of the CNC machining market across many different industries like aerospace, medical, automotive and firearms, they stayed ahead of the curve with their technology center and knowledgeable service team. 

Originally founded with the mission of manufacturing top-quality high pressure coolant pumps for CNC machines, NETC are the exclusive supplier of HP pump systems for STAR Swiss CNC lathes for the America’s and Europe. In 2018, they introduced PressureTech and thereby continued expanding their product offerings in the world of coolant delivery. Apart from manufacturing pumps, NETC is a full-service dealer and the exclusive distributor for STAR CNC Swiss lathes and Eurotech Elite Multi-Axis Mill/Turn machines in the Northeast (covering CT, RI, MA, NH, VT, and ME). At EASTEC 2023, NETC will add two new CNC lines to its portfolio, Hardinge and Alzmetall.

In addition, NETC offers CNC training courses as part of their four week-long STAR CNC training program. During the course, students learn the simple basics of machining, Swiss Concepts, proper set up techniques, basic programming, complex macro programming and other topics to increase productivity. Courses include classroom and hands-on experience on STAR machines. The entire NETC team lives by their mission to be the premier supplier of industry leading CNC machinery and accessories.

Over the years, NETC attended and sponsored several CTMA events to support their customers who were CTMA members. In 2023, New England Tool Corporation decided to become members to get more involved and better support the CTMA initiatives. “We’re very excited to join the CTMA and to support our local manufacturing industry here in CT”, said Dijana Jovanovic, VP of Business Development.

“We are thrilled that Dragan and Dijana have joined CTMA. We appreciate their interest in expanding our association and bring about new opportunities for the workforce,” said CTMA President, Bruce Dworak.