CTMA Corporate Sponsorship
CTMA is a progressive organization; one whose membership is committed to meeting the manufacturing challenges of competing in the global economy.

We are seeking financial support from companies who support CT’s Manufacturing community by offering sponsorship opportunities to underwrite the cost of expanding CTMA’s programs.  CTMA has a broad agenda for the next few years, which cannot be supported by membership dues alone.

The manufacturing industry has faced ongoing challenges as many small machine shops across the country have experienced a substantial decline in business due to competitive forces.  We are hopeful that potential sponsors will see the value in supporting our efforts to help keep shops from closing and maintain manufacturing jobs in Connecticut.

Manufacturing is a core component of Connecticut’s economy.  CTMA member’s direct manufacturing businesses are not only a vital cog in the Connecticut economy, but they are a catalyst for many other businesses in the service and materials industries for which you serve.

Please refer to the drop down menu above titled “Directory” and select either Associate Members or Regular Members to see the list of our current members, many of whom you may do business with currently.  We hope that you will support your existing customers and demonstrate your vested interest in the manufacturing industry.