National Tooling and Machining Association
As the national representative of the precision custom manufacturing industry, the National Tooling and Machining Association exists to tell this story with a powerful voice. Backed by nearly 2,000 members, representing more than $40 billion in sales, the clout we collectively wield is considerable. We also serve as a valuable national resource for our members, helping them grow profitably.

One Voice
One Voice has a combined total of roughly 3,000 member manufacturing companies and is designed to promote U.S. government policies that will ensure a strong manufacturing sector in the United States. The majority of member companies are family-owned small businesses, two-thirds of which are structured as a Sub-Chapter S Corporation or similar pass-through entity, paying taxes at individual rates. Nearly 75% of members report they currently have at least one job opening in their manufacturing plants, with 98% of members reporting that they expect challenges recruiting younger workers.

National Robotics League
So what makes NRL different? For starters, NRL is the only league formalizing ties between competitor teams and manufacturing partners. Makes sense, right? If you’re going to be machining parts and engineering a ‘bot from scratch, you need someone on board who does that sort of thing all the time.